Top 10 family cars


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A growing family requires more spacious transport so, just which are the best family cars to choose?

We spoke to our Pricing team to find out which cars were insured by customers with children under the age of 16, and from this we found the top 10 family cars with the cheapest insurance costs between March and May 2017.

The findings show the 10 cheapest cars to insure for Admiral policy holders aged 26+ with a child aged 16 or under.

Top 10 family cars

1. Volkswagen Beetle - £279.53

2. Volkswagen up! - £305.93

3. Skoda Yeti - £313.00

4. Skoda Citigo - £313.46

5. Citroen C1 - £318.79

6. Fiat 500 - £324.90

7. Peugeot 107 - £329.88

8. Dacia Duster - £334.28

9. Smart fortwo - £334.63

10. Dacia Sandero - £351.01

However, we did spot a problem. While these cars may be owned by people who have children, some don’t scream ‘family car’. The Fiat 500 placed at number five, for example, and we bet getting a car seat in the boot would prove tricky!

To give some insight on the best family-friendly options we took a more in-depth look and pulled out our favourites.

Which is the best cheap family car?

Dacia Duster

RRP: From £8,645

Average premium: £334.28

Seats: 5

Bigger than the Dacia Sandero, the Duster is a firm favourite among families with its affordable price tag and practical features. The Duster is a great option if you’re planning long journeys, with up to 475 litres of boot space to store luggage, and the Duster’s load capacity jumps to 1,636 litres with the seats folded down.

The 4x4 options of the Duster also offer a range of additional features such as a 3-mode driving system which adapts to changing road conditions.

Our pick of the small family cars

Peugeot 107 - £3,900 (used)

Average premium: £329.88

Seats: 4

Despite being replaced by Peugeot for the 108 in 2014, the 107 model is still popular among families. For city-dwellers who don’t plan on racking up the miles throughout the year, this car is perfect with its compact engine and comfortable design.

What the 107 lacks in boot size it makes up for in its ability to park in snug spaces. Perfect for the school run!

Peugeot commented: “From launch, the Peugeot 107 offered fantastic value for money, winning fans among new and experienced drivers alike. The Peugeot 107 was one of the most popular Peugeot’s of recent years thanks to its good looks, spacious interior and generous equipment list. It was also one of the first city cars to offer standard iPod connectivity, among a host of other features, which make it the ideal companion for a summer road trip.”

A stylish run around

Fiat 500 - From £10,730

Average premium: £324.90

Seats: 4

Despite turning 60 this year, the Fiat 500 is as contemporary as ever. Described as a “city car”, it’s a favourite among families - usually as a second car for travelling around the city.

Despite not being the most spacious option, only offering a 185-litre boot, the rear seats are able to be folded down for extra luggage space if needed. With a fantastic fuel economy and a stylish exterior, the Fiat 500 comes in a huge range of body colours as well as engine types.

Alejandro Noriega, head of Brand at Fiat UK, commented: “The original Fiat 500 was a car designed to mobilise the masses, combining iconic design with affordable motoring. Sixty years and six million cars later the Fiat 500 continues to do this with its blend of must have technology, including Apple Car Play and Android Auto, and range of frugal and efficient engines”

Practical family car

Skoda Yeti - £7,200 (used)

Average premium: £313.00

Seats: 5

The Skoda Yeti is a standout family car. Despite its tough 4x4 exterior, this two-wheel-drive vehicle offers practicality and space. The Yeti is functional, and despite not boasting the most luxurious interior, has everything you could possibly want for a comfortable journey.

It’s a perfect family car, with ample amounts of leg room and a very spacious boot. For those who want something a little more rugged the Yeti Outdoor is the SUV equivalent, offering a wide range of equipment as standard.

The cheapest family car to insure

Volkswagen up! - From £ 8,340

Average premium: £305.93

Seats: 4

The Volkswagen up! seems like a compact city car but it has a sturdy and reliable build. Boasting a comfortable drive, the changes made in 2016 mean the up! looks ever more sophisticated.

With a fantastic 90 PS 1.0 TSI engine, the new up! is on a par with the performance of the first Golf GTI, but is environmentally friendly with a fuel consumption of just 4.4 l/100 km. Despite not being the most obvious choice for a family car, the up! delivers on a number of aspects, with the new model already winning awards.

Volkswagen commented on both their up! and Beetle vehicles appearing on our list: “The Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen up! are popular because they answer the needs of a wide variety of British motorists. This includes competitive insurance ratings. The up! is a fun, practical city car that people love to drive and the Beetle is, of course, a genuine motoring icon. Today’s Beetle Cabriolet, in particular, is bursting with character and allows drivers to enjoy the summer sun.”

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