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Which class of use for car insurance is best for you?

Whether you use your car for commuting, ferrying children around or for business, it's essential that you choose the right class of use when buying car insurance


Choosing the right class of use for your car can be confusing, especially if you use your car for lots of different reasons.

Whether you only drive to work and back, only use your car on weekends or are constantly ferrying children around, there's a class of use for you. 

Whichever class of use you choose, it's important to ensure that the class of use you decide on is the right one. Read on to find out why. 

Social Domestic and Pleasure

The class of use described as Social, Domestic and Pleasure covers the drivers named on the policy for normal day to day driving. Shopping, visiting friends or family and pleasure driving such as going to the park or on holiday. However, it doesn't include commuting to work.


Commuting is the next class up, and covers everything included in Social, Domestic and Pleasure, plus driving to and from a permanent place of work. Driving your car to the train station and leaving it there while you go to work counts as commuting. So does giving someone a lift to their place of work; it's best to check when you get your quote.

Class 1 - business use

If you're using your car as part of your job, to drive to other sites as well as your usual place of work, this counts as Business use - class 1. It doesn't include commercial use (such as deliveries) or door-to-door selling.

Usually your spouse will also be covered for Business use - class 1 car insurance, but no other named driver. Best to check when you get your quote.

Class 2 - business use

This is much the same as class 1 business insurance, but it generally covers you (the policyholder) and a named driver, in connection with your business. However, different underwriters have their own rules about what it covers, so again, check when you get a quote.

Class 3 - business use

This is the one you need if you are racking up the miles - like salesmen who may also be carrying samples.


Anything else is likely to need Commercial insurance. That includes using your car as a taxi or minicab or driving a limo, or using your car to give paid driving lessons.

Which class of use will give me the cheapest car insurance premium? 

Choosing 'Social, Domestic and Pleasure' usually offers the cheapest premiums. The price you pay will increase as you go further up the scale to Commercial. However, don't be tempted to lie when describing your class of use as the consequences can be serious. 

Why do I need to choose the right class of use? 

If you're really using your car for a purpose that's classed as Commercial, don't be tempted to try and get away with putting down Social, Domestic and Pleasure instead.

In the eyes of the law your car will be uninsured, and there are severe penalties for driving without insurance. Find out if your car is insured with our guide.

If you're driving a van and using it for business, you need Admiral Van Insurance