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What makes a good neighbour?

We look at what modern Britain wants from their neighbours.

Happy neighbours means happy home

Whether you live in a block of flats or a detached house, getting along with the people who live next door makes for a happy life.

We’ve all heard stories about neighbours from hell, and having a dispute with your neighbour could make your homelife unpleasant.

Perhaps the days when people popped next door for a cup of sugar or a chat with their friends are no more, but that doesn’t mean we all live in a bubble and never talk to our neighbours.

Our research has found nearly half of us regularly or occasionally socialise with our neighbours and only 7% don’t know any of our next door neighbours’ names.

And in an age when so much of our time is spent online, almost a quarter of us are friends with our neighbours on social media.

What makes the perfect neighbour?

Admiral Home Insurance asked 2,000 households what they think makes for a perfect neighbour - how many of these can you tick off?

Takes in my parcels Keeps an eye on my property while I'm away Doesn\t make too much noise Makes casual conversation Keeps an eye on elderly neighbours Puts my bin in/out Waters my plants while I'm away Keeps a spare key for my home Feeds my pets while I'm away Lends me tools or DIY equiment Anti-social behaviour

Falling out with your neighbour

Unfortunately things can go wrong, and when you’re living so close to people who are neither friends nor relatives, it’s inevitable that some people fall out with their neighbour.

Our research found 15% don’t speak to their neighbour because they’ve fallen out with them, and 13% have had an argument in the past but it was resolved.

What are the main reasons people fall out with their neighbours?

Noise Parking Boundary disputes Children

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