Your home insurance price explained

Insurance can be confusing, but to help you understand how we calculate your premium each year, look at the different 'rating factors' below.

We constantly review the way we price our insurance policies to make sure we offer our customers – you – the best price possible.

There isn’t a defining factor that shapes your home insurance price each year, insurers consider a whole host factors relating to both you, and the wider world around you, to offer you the best price possible for the right type of cover. Jargon buster: we call these rating factors.

From 1 January 2022 we’ll be following new pricing rules set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Find out more here.

What affects my home insurance price?

Take a look at all the different ways your price can change – some are related to you and your home while others are external factors you can’t control, such as the weather.

Address and building type

Arguably the main rating factor is where you live – your neighbourhood and your individual address. We look at every postcode and use public data to assess many different things including: how safe the area is and if you’re close to water so at risk of flooding. We also look at the claims in your area – more claims could lead to a higher premium.

We also look at your building type - whether you live in a flat, terrace, semi-detached or detached house.

Size of your home

This is normally judged by the number of rooms in your house with insurers paying attention to bedrooms. With many people deciding to renovate rather than move, it’s important you let us know if you’re carrying out any major works at your property. Adding an extra bedroom? Converting the attic? Extending the kitchen? Make sure you tell us.

The nature and number of claims

Just like car insurance, we look at any claims you’ve made in the past five years. People with fewer or no claims can expect to get a cheaper price for home insurance.

It’s not just your own claims that can affect prices; if the nature or number of claims we settle increases due to an outside influence - such as severe weather – insurers must assess the way claims are priced.

Growing family

If you have a child or a family member moves in, you need to tell us so we can look at your cover and this may affect your price. Similarly, if someone leaves your home – say your teen flies the nest for uni – let us know and we can look at your price.

Things you can't control - external factors

Severe weather

It’s not often you think of good weather when talking about the UK and we know all too well how cold and wet our winters can be. The most common cause of weather-related damage is flooding, so Admiral and other insurers must assess the likelihood of homes being flooded. With this on the rise, the UK government and the insurance industry teamed up to help people living in flood risk areas get more affordable insurance – it’s called Flood Re.

Insurance fraud

Dishonest people who commit insurance fraud can drive up the price of insurance for innocent parties. A 2016 report by the Chartered Institute of Insurers states insurance fraud costs honest policyholders up to £50 a year.

Taxes & government initiatives

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is a government-introduced tax on insurance policies including car, home, travel and pet which every insurance provider has to charge. It’s been around since the ‘90s but an increase to 12% in 2017 saw IPT hit the headlines.

Home insurance is subject to the standard rate of 12%.

What can I do if my home insurance price has gone up?

If, at renewal, your home insurance price has risen then please give us a call and we’ll run through your cover to make sure it’s still offering cover for everything you need or see if there’s a better option for you.

We can look at things like:

  • Your excess – increasing your excess may help bring your premium down but bear in mind you’ll have to pay this out if you make a claim. Lower excess, higher premium or higher excess, lower premium? You decide, because you're in control.
  • MultiCover – you could save money on your Home Insurance by also insuring your cars with Admiral under our unique MultiCover policy. You get a discount on your car insurance too - see our guide to MultiCover.

Your questions answered

We're sure you'll love our great discounts, but maybe you have a few questions. You can find answers in this section.

How does a claim impact my future premium?

If a claim is made on your policy it may have an impact on your future premium. At the point of claim, we are often unable to tell you what impact, if any, it will have. However, when your renewal package is sent, full details of the new premium will be included.

What if my circumstances change?

If your circumstances change, please let us know straightaway. Changes we don't know about could invalidate your insurance. If you're not sure whether you need to tell us about a change, just call us and check.

Please call our Customer Service Department to update a policy. Opening hours are from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday and 9.30am-4pm Sunday.

How do I make a change to my policy from renewal?

Just login to MyAccount.