Don’t know these details about yourself? Some of these could affect your financial health...

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Many of us are unaware of crucial personal information which could impact our lives. This is partly due to technology and the ability to save information quickly to our mobile phones and devices, but if we didn't have access to them, what key pieces of information about ourselves should we actually know?

We've uncovered what important personal information Brits don't know about themselves.

In a recent survey, Admiral Loans asked consumers if they knew key pieces of their own financial and lifestyle information and discovered that many of those surveyed were struggling with this aspect of 'adulting'.

Image of survey results using ONS data about financial health

ONS data researched outlined that nearly 32 million* Brits don't know personal data and information that could have serious implications on their finances and health. The findings from Admiral Loans survey reveal that 62% of Brits have been asked for information in the last year that they've been unable to recall.

By ignoring key pieces of information, such as credit scores, credit card statements and finance balances, you could risk getting into financial difficulty, being unaware you have a low credit score or even a CCJ to your name. 57% of those surveyed didn't know their credit score, which is essential for loans, mortgages, credit cards and more, and therefore could risk having a low credit score or CCJs they're unaware of on file.

The piece of personal information that people struggle most recalling is their NHS number, 78% admitted to not knowing it. This is something that's not been essential to know in this past, however, it's been needed more recently as it's a requirement for vaccination documents or 'Covid passports' following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The piece of financial information that most Brits remain unaware about is their pension pots, with 63% admitting they didn't know the amount of money they have in their pensions. Credit score was the second piece of financial information most Brits don't know about themselves – with nearly six in ten of those surveyed not knowing this information. 

How Brits remember personal information

Survey results on how brits memorise information

The majority of those surveyed highlighted that they can't remember important personal information off the top of their head, with 19% using a paper filing system, 15% on their mobile phone, 14% on their computer and 11% using a notepad.

How many of these do you know about yourself?

If you can't find any of these pieces of information about yourself, our Know the Score guide suggests where you can get hold of it:

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Where to find this

NHS Number  Your NHS number is a 10-digit number that is on any letter you receive from the NHS.

The NHS has a service to find your NHS number:

Find your NHS number - NHS (
Amount in pension pot  Your pension provider should be able to provide you with a statement of your pension investment and a forecast of your expected income when you retire.

If you've lost track of your pensions you can use the tracing and finding lost pensions service Tracing and finding lost pensions (

You can check your state pension forecast on the Government site Check your State Pension forecast - GOV.UK (
Credit score You can check your credit score with a credit reference agency such as Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax.
Blood group  GPs do not routinely check people's blood group, but it will be checked if you have an operation, if you're pregnant or if you donate an organ.

You can also find out your blood group when you give blood Home - NHS Blood Donation
Car finance balance  Your car finance provider should be able to provide you with an outstanding balance.
Your car finance provider will also be able to confirm the type of product you've taken out, e.g., PCP, HP or a loan/ conditional sale. 
Mortgage rate Your mortgage rate should be on the annual statement which your mortgage provider sends you. Your mortgage provider should advise you of any changes to your mortgage rate.
Council tax band Your council tax band should be on your annual council tax statement. If you don't have this and you live in England or Wales you can use the Government tool Check your Council Tax band - GOV.UK (

Scottish residents can use the tool on The Scottish Assessors website Scottish Assessors – Scottish Assessors Association website (

Northern Irish resident can use the tool on the NI Direct website - Rates calculator | nidirect (
Mortgage balance Your mortgage provider usually sends you an annual statement which should show your outstanding mortgage balance.
NI number You can find your National Insurance number on payslips, P60s or letters about tax, pensions or benefits. If you can't find it on any correspondence you can follow guidance on the Government site to find it National Insurance numbers - GOV.UK (
Credit card balance You can contact your credit card provider to find out your balance. Many credit card providers allow you to register to check your credit card statements online.
Own weight If you don't have scales at home, you can ask to be weighed next time you visit the GP. Many high street chemists also have scales which customers can use. These are often more accurate than your own scales.
Amount in savings You can contact the bank or building society where your savings account is held to find out your balance. Most banks or building societies allow you to register to check your statements online.
Car plate If you are away from your car and need your car licence number, then you can find this on a MOT certificate or your insurance documents.
Phone number  If you forget your mobile number this should be displayed in the phone settings.
Your landline number will be displayed on any bills or statements or on the agreement you signed when you set up the service.
Partners birthday  If you can't remember your partner's birthday then putting a reminder on the calendar or in your mobile phone may be a good idea!

Whatever your plans, an Admiral loan could help