Jet Set Kids

How old were you when you first travelled abroad?

Six? 16? 26? Cheap flights and package deals allow today’s kids to travel further and more often than their parents ever did as children.

Our research has found the average age children today take their first trip abroad is eight. For their parents, the average age was 17. In fact half of all kids have travelled abroad before their fifth birthday, with Spain, France and the USA the most common destinations.

Children now visit an average of 10 countries before adulthood. Seven in 10 parents told us their children have been to more foreign countries than they had at their age. There’s no doubt about it, overseas travel has become part of normal life for kids today.

Think you’ve explored more countries than the average globe-trotting 10 year old?

Show us the places you’ve visited on our travel widget and we’ll reveal all. You can also see if you beat the nation when it comes to being well travelled and ticking off countries around the world.

Jet Set Kids

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