Do you know your neighbours?

The song may say 'everybody needs good neighbours', but it appears many of us are just not, well, neighbourly anymore.

We carried out research which reveals a third of us don't even know our neighbours' names. While, of the 2,000 homeowners we asked, only a quarter would trust our neighbour with a spare key when we go away on holiday.

Being on good terms with your neighbours makes communities better places to live. Having neighbours you can rely on for help can lead to a sense of happiness and wellbeing. And looking out for your neighbours while they're away can lead to safer neighbourhoods. Take a look at our video with Jim Maddan from Neighbourhood Watch with our tips on how your neighbours can help keep your house secure during the summer holidays.

So our campaign to bring back the neighbourhood starts here!

If you don't think you're particularly close to your neighbours, take a look at our infographic to see where in the UK you'll find the 'perfect blend' of neighbourly love.

You can even select your region and the type of home you live in to see how your peer group responded to our questions.

Do you know your neighbours' names?

When you first moved in, did you make an effort to make friends with your new neighbours?

Have you become good friends with your neighbours?

Do you keep an eye on elderly neighbours?

Would you go next door to investigate if you saw something suspicious happening at your neighbour's property?

Do you wish your neighbourhood was more neighbourly?

Do you talk to your neighbours?

Have you fallen out with one of your neighbours?

Do you have neighbours that you don't want to get to know because they're noisy?

Would you trust your neighbour to have a spare house key?

Do you know your neighbours?






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of living in knew the names of their neighbours.

Find out what makes the perfect neighbour.

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