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We've analysed prices from our home insurance customers to show you how average home insurance prices vary by region, size, and neighbourhood.

How are home insurance premiums calculated?

Home insurance prices vary across the UK for factors like how safe the area is, the type of property you live in and the number of claims in your area.

There are also some factors that are outside of your control like insurance fraud, taxes and government initiatives.

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Average prices for annual home insurance cover

£116 Buildings Cover
£195 Combined Cover
£72 Contents Cover

Home insurance cover explained

Buildings insurance
Protects damage to your property from fire and bad weather.

Contents insurance
Protects damage, theft or loss of your possessions inside your property.

Cover for both your buildings and contents on one policy.

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Average price by region

The UK average annual premium cost for home insurance in January was £146.52.

Across the UK, homeowners in Wales get the best value premiums, paying 6.7% less than the UK average with annual costs of £153.56.

Premiums were highest in London with costs of £192.94, a 25.6% increase on the UK average.





Northern Ireland




Full list of regions and average prices

Greater London


South East


East Anglia


South West


West Midlands


East Midlands




North West £147.56


Northern Endland


Average premium by property

Explanation of house and property types


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What does home insurance cover?

What does home insurance cover?

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Contents calculator

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Figures are shown as averages based on all cover levels combined new business sales from March 2023. Prices exclude ancillaries.