What does renters insurance cover?

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What does renters insurance cover?

Admiral Tenants Insurance protects your valuables from

  • Damage
  • Theft

if either occurs in your rented shared-home or shared-flat.

As some landlords require their tenants to have some form of insurance, renters cover is an ideal solution for a tenant looking for contents insurance. Renters insurance provides you with peace of mind as it protects your contents from damage or theft by someone who you don’t live with while renting in a shared home or flat.

Some insurance companies may not offer policies that cover communal or shared spaces; if they do there may be exceptions. But what would you do if your laptop, tablet or another favourite electronic were to be damaged or stolen? We want to make sure that no matter what your living situation is, your contents are protected.

Do you need renters insurance?

While living in a shared-home or shared-flat, it’s important to make sure your belongings are adequately protected, as sometimes the unexpected can happen. At Admiral, we understand the importance of your valuables and your contents, which is why we offer Admiral Tenants Insurance - protecting your valuables from damage or theft in a shared-home or shared-flat.

How do I know how much my contents are worth?

Before getting started with renters insurance, you’re going to want to make sure that you know just how much your contents are worth. Ensuring that you have the right level of contents insurance for renters is important as over-insuring could be costly and under-insuring the value of your contents could mean you're not fully covered if you needed to make a claim.

You can use our contents calculator to help work out what your valuables are worth.

Cover for your possessions away from home

Don’t forget that sometimes you may want to take some of your items outside of your flat or home – but how do you protect them?

You can also add Personal Possessions Cover to your renters contents insurance to protect your belongings outside of your home. This will ensure your belongings are protected worldwide on any of our three levels of renters insurance – so if you’d like to take your tablet on holiday or your laptop to the local coffee shop, you’ll be covered.

Renters insurance FAQs

Does renters insurance cover my mobile phone?

You will be covered up to the limit as specified on the tier you have selected to buy. Tier limits will be shown on your policy schedule.

If you require cover away from home then Personal Possession Cover will need to be added to the policy.

Are my housemates’ items covered under my renters insurance policy?

Your housemates items will not be covered on your contents policy. They would need to purchase their own individual cover to ensure their items are protected.

Will renters insurance cover me if I miss my rent?

This renters contents insurance would not cover this.

Will renters insurance cover my laptop outside of my house?

If your laptop is worth £2,000 or less, you will need to add Personal Possessions Cover to the policy to ensure it's covered away from home.

If your laptop is worth more than £2,000, it will need to be added to the policy as a Specified Item and Cover Away from Home selected.

Is my bike covered by renters insurance?

Inside the home any bike worth £350 or less is covered under the general contents. To have cover outside of the home, Personal Possessions Cover would need to be added to the policy to cover bikes of £350 or less.

Bikes worth more than £350 will need to be added as a Specified Item on the policy and Cover Away from Home selected.

Do you need home insurance when renting a property?

It's the landlord or homeowner's responsibility to have buildings insurance in place. As a tenant or renter, you only need to worry about your own contents and getting the right cover for the things you love. Not sure who's responsible for what, find out more in our article on landlords vs tenants - who's responsibility is it?