Optional Policy Upgrades

Car insurance sorted – but is that all the cover you need?

Make sure you and the people you love are covered against unwanted surprises.

Not every driver is as safe as you

You're a careful driver, but you could still have an accident that's someone else's fault. Motor Legal Protection could be your solution.

Motor Legal Protection

How easily would you cope without your car?

If your car is written off or stolen, a hire car could help make sure your daily life and routine isn't disrupted.

Hire Vehicle Cover

What if you’re seriously injured?

Car insurance looks after your car, but what about you? Personal Injury Cover helps when you're injured, even if you're in someone else's car.

Personal Injury Cover options

What will you do if you break down?

No one expects to break down, but it can happen to any car at any time – even new cars sometimes need a helping hand.

Breakdown Cover options