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Understanding your driving feedback

Example only. Not your actual feedback.

Understanding your driving feedback

As part of your Admiral Live/Ford Insure Live policy, you get regular driving performance updates from us via email.

Your personalised email shows your driving score and explains how certain driving behaviours impact your score.

Read on to understand more about your driving feedback.

Your driving score

We use your vehicle’s data to calculate your overall driving score, meaning how you drive determines your score.

The email displays your overall driving score as a speedometer with one of four ratings.



Could be


How we calculate your driving score

We break your driving score into three main categories to explain what you’re doing well and what can be improved.


We analyse how smoothly you accelerate, brake, move up through the gears and stop your vehicle.


egularly driving at higher speeds, above the speed limit or at inappropriate speeds for the road conditions can negatively impact your driving score.

Night driving

Driving at night will reduce your score because it’s riskier to drive during the night and early hours of the morning than driving during the day.