UK's best and worst drivers revealed

Are you a middle-aged, Honda-driving woman? Then you just may be one of the best drivers in the UK.

The Admiral LittleBox team has taken a look at the data from our clever black box technology to find out who make up the best and worst drivers in the country.

Using LittleBox data, we've profiled the devils and angels on UK roads, right down to the age and colour of the car and even by fuel type.

Female software engineers aged 46-50 are the most likely to be road-savvy when compared to other groups in the country.

And that's not all, women were found to be better drivers overall, with a score of 58 out of 100 compared to men with 53. However, men cover more miles which increases the likelihood of an accident occurring.

Regionally, East Anglians are statistically the best drivers with a score of 59 out of 100, while at city level; Liverpudlians are among the best drivers in the country with a score of 61.

Our black box data looks at people's driving over a number of months and takes into account driving habits such as excessive braking and speeding. Each aspect is scored out of 100, with the higher score being better.

UK's worst drivers

When it comes to the worst drivers in the land, our data shows a profile of a white Audi-driving man in his early 20s. He more than likely works as a project manager and has no children.

Regionally, Scotland (51 out of 100) and the West Midlands (52) were the worst scorers, while at a city level Birmingham and Leeds had the lowest driving ability with a score of 50.

Lloyd Badran from Admiral's LittleBox team said: "Our black box insurance provides lots of fascinating data showing driving trends across the country. While it's interesting to create these in-depth profiles of good and bad drivers, which we can do with great precision, there's also a very useful side to this.

"Black box data allows us to provide fairer prices to customers that reflect their driving ability rather than being based on the risk profiles of similar types of people. We believe safe drivers should be rewarded for their efforts."

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