Electric Vehicles: Free recovery if you run out of charge Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions outline the cover provided for this additional benefit. Please read these in conjunction with Your Van Insurance Guide for the full terms and conditions of your policy.

The free recovery service is provided by the Automobile Association Developments Limited on our behalf.

Important this is not AA membership.

We'd recommend saving the number below into your mobile phone/device so it's readily accessible if your vehicle runs out of charge and you require assistance.

If you're within the territorial limits

  • ensure you and your passengers are safe
  • for Admiral Van insurance customers please call 0330 102 0808

Please have the following information to give to our rescue controller:

  • your telephone number so we can call you back. Please keep your phone switched on and available to take a call from us
  • your vehicle registration
  • the make, model and colour of your vehicle with any specifics that may help us locate you quicker
  • your location

We will take your details and ask you to remain by the telephone you are calling from. Once the recovery mechanic arrives at the scene please be guided by their safety advice. In the event of an out of charge on a motorway where you have no means of contacting us or are unaware of your location, please use the nearest SOS box. You will need to advise the Emergency Services of our telephone number, they will then contact us to arrange assistance. If the Police or Highways Agency is present at the scene, please advise them that you have contacted us or give them our telephone number to call us on your behalf.



A motor vehicle collision where a vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, road debris, or other stationary obstruction.


The deployment of a recovery mechanic to your vehicle in the event of an out of charge.

Charging point

The nearest charging point to the location of the vehicle.

Electric vehicle

A battery electric vehicle which exclusively uses energy stored in rechargeable battery packs with no secondary source of propulsion. This excludes hybrid vehicles.

Hazardous location

Power stations, nuclear installations or establishments, refineries, bulk storage or production premises in the oil, gas or chemical industries or in the explosive, ammunition or pyrotechnic industries, Ministry of Defence premises and Military bases, Rail trackside or Airport – other than on any road or parking area designated for employee or visitor parking.

Home address

The address where your vehicle is normally kept, as it appears on your associated motor policy

Hybrid vehicle

A vehicle which uses more than one means of propulsion and combines a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor including, for the avoidance of doubt, any mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Offer period

From the 08/08/22 onwards.

Out of charge

A complete lack of charge in the battery that means a journey cannot be started or continued and assistance is needed.

Legal carrying capacity

The maximum number of persons recommended by the vehicle manufacturers or any weight limitations that can be carried legally and safely.


Any person in the vehicle at the time of the out of charge.

Policy duration

The length of time covered by this insurance, as shown on your current Certificate of Motor Insurance.

Recovery mechanic

The technician appointed by us to attend your out of charge.

Rescue Controller

The telephone operator appointed by us.

Territorial limits (UK)

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, The Channel Islands and Isle of Man.


EUI Limited trading as Admiral and/or the underwriters.


The vehicle displayed on the current Certificate of Motor Insurance, for the purposes of this benefit, this is limited to Electric vehicles.

Who does the offer apply to:

  1. Your policy qualifies for out of charge recovery if you obtain a new policy or renew your policy during the offer period.
  2. Customers who add an electric vehicle, during the policy term, to a qualifying policy purchased or renewed during the offer period.
  3. Customers who change their vehicle from a non-electric vehicle to an electric vehicle, during the policy term, on a qualifying policy purchased or renewed during the offer period.

What is covered:

  1. The recovery mechanic will take you to a location of your choosing. This includes a charging point, your home address, or a destination of your choice.
  2. If you are within the territorial limits (UK) only.
  3. A call out will be provided if the vehicle is out of charge.
  4. This cover is for electric vehicles only
  5. There is no limit on the number of callouts which can be claimed in respect of a vehicle during the policy duration.
  6. You will be entitled to the free out of charge recovery for the period of the policy duration only.
  7. There is no cost, including any additional premium or any excess, payable by you in respect for the out of charge cover.

What is not covered:

  1. Petrol, Diesel, or any type of hybrid vehicle
  2. Temporary additional vehicles added to a qualifying policy.
  3. Costs for charging the vehicle when recovered to a charging point.
  4. Recovery outside the territorial limits.
  5. A second or subsequent callout after the vehicle has already been recovered in respect of the same out of charge.
  6. Repair and labour costs other than the callout service from our breakdown mechanic.
  7. The cost of food, drink, telephone calls or other incidentals.
  8. The recovery of a child under 16 years of age unless they are accompanied at all times by an adult, excluding the recovery mechanic.
  9. Personal belongings and items in your vehicle.
  10. Fines and penalties imposed by courts, including but not limited to parking tickets.
  11. Any charges where you or the Emergency Services arrange recovery or repairs by other means unless we have agreed to reimburse you
  12. Ferry and Toll charges.
  13. Overloading of the vehicle or carrying more passengers than it is designed to carry. We will not be liable for and will not recover any passengers beyond the legal carrying capacity of your vehicle.
  14. Recovery where your vehicle is not accessible or cannot be transported safely and legally using a standard recovery vehicle or requires specialist equipment or where your vehicle is off road.
  15. Any costs or expenses not authorised by our rescue controllers. We will only reimburse you when we receive a valid invoice or receipt.
  16. Storage charges.
  17. Any losses, costs or damages which you suffer as a result of your inability to continue your journey.
  18. Any vehicles not located within the territorial limits (UK)
  19. A callout where the vehicle has been involved in an accident or following theft, fire or vandalism.
  20. Any cover which is not specifically detailed within these terms and conditions, or those detailed in Your Van Insurance Guide
  21. Recovery from hazardous locations.
  22. Assistance if the vehicle is deemed to be illegal, untaxed, uninsured, unroadworthy or dangerous to transport
  23. Recovery of your vehicle when (a) carrying a load in an unsafe, insecure or illegal condition or manner or where any of your vehicle's weight limitations have been exceeded or (b) you are driving on unsuitable ground.
  24. Where there is a caravan or trailer attached to the vehicle and (a) the gross vehicle weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes (3,500kg) or (b) the vehicle width exceeds 8ft 3in (2.55m) excluding any mirrors.
  25. Any non-electric vehicle, including a hybrid vehicle which is listed on your associated motor policy and not eligible for out of charge cover with us.

Conditions of your out of charge cover

  1. The out of charge cover has no monetary value and no cash alternative is available.
  2. The policy is not transferable to another person if you sell your vehicle.
  3. We will provide cover if:
    1. You have met all the terms and conditions including those in Your Van Insurance Guide.
    2. The information you have provided to us, as far as you are aware, is correct.
  4. You must be with the vehicle at the estimated time of arrival, unless agreed between us and you. You are responsible for keeping the vehicle and its contents safe.
  5. We will refuse service if you or your passengers are being obstructive in allowing us to provide the most appropriate assistance or are threatening or abusive to our rescue controllers or the recovery mechanic.
  6. Recovery mechanics comply with laws and regulations limiting the number of hours they can drive for. Regular breaks and 'changeovers' may be required when transporting your vehicle.
  7. The transportation of animals will only be undertaken if the animal is secure and the recovery mechanic determines it is safe to do so in the normal recovery service. We will endeavour to help arrange alternative transport, but you will need to pay for this service immediately by credit or debit card.
  8. If you have right of action against a third party, you shall co-operate with us to recover any costs incurred by us.
  9. Signing documentation – You may be asked to sign documents by the recovery mechanic which relate to the service being provided. Whilst you are not required to sign such documents, failure to do so may result in further services being denied. Please do not sign any documents until you have read and understood the content in full.
  10. Regardless of circumstances, we will not be held liable for any costs incurred if you are unable to make a telephone connection to any numbers provided.
  11. Your vehicle must be registered to and ordinarily kept at an address within the territorial limits (UK).