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Waste of space: Cars left outside as one in two use garages for storage

45% of Brits rarely or never use their garage to park their car, so why not consider a garage conversion?

  • For 52% of those, it’s because there’s no space as their garage is used for storage
  • Only 9% of people park their car in a garage overnight, a 70% decrease in the last 20 years
  • Garage conversion could see £45,000 return in property value
  • More than a third (37%) of garage owners would like to convert their garage
  • Admiral Loans has teamed up with an architect to reveal the most desirable garage conversions

Research into the habits of garage owning homeowners from Admiral Loans has found that only a third (33%) of homeowners use their garage every day for its intended use while most treat it as a dumping ground for unwanted clutter. Despite wasting the space in their garages, almost half (46%) admitted that not having a garage would be a deal-breaker when it comes to buying a property.

Nearly half (45%) never or rarely use their garage to park their car because it isn’t feasible, whether it’s down to the space being too small, too tricky to park in or the garage is being used for storage. Admiral’s own data shows that fewer than one in ten (9%) motorists park their car in a garage overnight, down from 16% in 2009 and down from 31% in 1999.