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Insurer is urging homeowners to keep their homes secure as lockdown restrictions ease

  • 1 in 5 homeowners hide spare keys in their garden, under flowerpots or doormats
  • 60% of homeowners don’t replace locks after losing house keys
  • 98% of homeowners give a spare set of keys to someone else
  • Half of homeowners in the UK don’t change the locks when they move
  • Burglary claims down 57% in lockdowns as insurer warns figure could rise

With lockdown restrictions easing across the UK, Admiral Home Insurance is urging homeowners to make sure their home is secure when out and about, after its recent investigation revealed people could be putting their homes at risk from unwanted intruders.

Analysis of Admiral’s home insurance data revealed there were 57% fewer burglary claims during the lockdowns in 2020 compared to the number of claims during the same time periods in 2019, as people stayed at home.

However, the insurer has revealed that one in five people admit to keeping a spare key under a door mat or flowerpot outside their home meaning that collectively, there could be as many as 3 million keys at risk of being found in people’s gardens, making their homes an easy target for burglars while people are out enjoying the better weather and relaxed lockdown restrictions.

A further one in five homeowners also admitted to losing a set of house keys they’ve never found, and 60% of homeowners have failed to replace the locks after losing their keys.

Admiral warns there could be a spike in burglary claims as lockdown restrictions ease, especially if people aren’t keeping the keys to their home safe or replacing the locks after losing their set of keys.