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The Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing a Second-Hand Electric Vehicle

Insurance giant Admiral explores top considerations to switch to second-hand EV

  • More than half of Brits would choose a second-hand EV as their next car
  • 55% of motorists would switch to second-hand EV within five years
  • Almost half of Brits (45%) admit brand new EV’s are too expensive
  • Automotive expert reveals what to consider when buying a second-hand EV
  • Online tool shows how many second-hand EVs are available and how much they cost

A new investigation from Admiral car insurance reveals more than half of British motorists (52%) are considering buying a used EV for their next car, with a similar number (55%) looking to switch to a second-hand electric vehicle within the next five years.

With the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars being introduced in 2030, many motorists are considering making the switch to electric.

But, the insurer found the cost of a brand new EV is the biggest barrier preventing motorists from making the switch, with almost half (45%) admitting a new EV is too expensive, while others (37%) simply said they don’t want to pay for a new EV.

To help drivers considering a second-hand EV instead, Admiral has created an online tool which highlights how much they would pay on average for a second-hand EV in cities round the UK and how far they’d have to travel to get the best deal. The tool also shows how many of the most popular second-hand EVs are available in their area.

Buying second-hand

For people opting to go down the second-hand route, Admiral’s investigation revealed Brits believe the most important factor to consider is the condition of the battery (31%), followed by the vehicle’s charging range (28%) and the total running costs (20%).

Yet, the more traditional checks and considerations like how the vehicle drives, how much it costs to insure and depreciation of value were less important and failed to make the top five.


Top five considerations before purchasing a second-hand EV



Battery condition



Charging range



Running costs



Electrics work correctly



Vehicle mileage


To help motorists purchase a second-hand electric vehicle, Admiral has worked closely with top automotive expert Professor Peter Wells from Cardiff University who offers his tips on what to look for when choosing the right second-hand electric vehicle.