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School Crawl: drop off adds 22 minutes to daily commute

Road collisions during the ‘school run’ fall by up to 43% in holidays

  • On average, commuters estimate they save 15 minutes per journey in the school holidays;
  • 65% of parents consider their commuting time when selecting their child’s school;
  • The average term time commute takes 32 minutes, with an EXTRA 22 minutes to drop children at school/nursery;
  • Norwich drivers save the most time on their commute during the school holidays;
  • Two thirds of drivers find it less stressful commuting during the holidays than in term time

It’s long been suspected and now a new investigation by Admiral Car Insurance has confirmed that the school crawl does play a significant part when it comes to the grind of the daily commute.

New research reveals that the average commute of 20 miles or 32 minutes increases by 16 miles and an additional 22 minutes for drivers doing a school or nursery drop off.

Nearly half (48%) of those surveyed said they were late for work due to traffic at least once a month. But, when the school holidays come around, the average commuting time drops by a fifth (19%) to 26 minutes per journey.

As many parents find out this week whether their children have been accepted into their preferred primary school, Admiral revealed that 65% of parents considered commuting time when selecting their child’s school or nursery. More than half (51%) said the commute was a factor in choosing their current job.