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Priciest pet ailments revealed as treatment costs increase

Admiral reveals the fees pet owners could face for vet treatments if they’re not insured

  • Treatment for accidental poisoning could leave pet owners facing bills of more than £5,000
  • ‘Fractures’ and ‘lameness’ among priciest common conditions with treatments costing up to £4,000
  • Admiral pet insurance experts estimate cost of vet treatments have risen by 7% in the last year
  • Admiral is urging pet owners to check the details of pet plans to be clear on what’s covered

New data from Admiral Pet Insurance has revealed the potential cost of vet treatments for the most common ailments, with costs up by around 7% in the last year.

It has released the data to ensure unsuspecting pet owners are aware of the possible fees they may face if they don’t take out pet insurance, with accidental poisoning being one of the most expensive common conditions for veterinary services, with some treatments costing over £5,000.

Admiral has looked at some of the most common injuries and illnesses pets experience and has provided insight into average costs based on what it has paid for vet treatments in 2022. The insurer has included a range of costs, from basic medical care to major surgery, although precise fees vary around the UK.

The insurer’s data reveals accidental poisoning of pets due to ingestion of toxic substances is one of the most expensive common causes for veterinary services with treatment ranging from £289 for examinations, monitoring and medication, to over £5,000 for more extensive treatment including a hospital stay for a dog. The most common toxic items eaten by pets are chocolate, grapes, sultanas and raisins for dogs and antifreeze, lily pollen and toxic household plants for cats. It’s one of the most expensive accidents because emergency treatment is necessary in most cases, often requiring a visit to the out of hours vet.