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Pothole Peril

Insurer reveals pothole-related claims have increased by 30% since 2016

  • 13% of pothole-related claims take place in March, which is more than any other month
  • Average value of a pothole-related claim increased by more than 55% in 2020, compared to 2016
  • Average value of damage caused by pothole claims in 2020 was £2,700
  • Admiral explains step-by-step how to claim for compensation to help motorists avoid costly repairs

The latest investigation from Admiral car insurance reveals more pothole-related claims take place in March compared to any other month of the year, as the insurer warns drivers to pay extra attention on UK roads to avoid costly damage to their vehicles.

A pothole forms when water seeps into existing small cracks in the surface of the roads and then freezes and expands in the cold weather. The frozen water then evaporates during the warmer weather, causing gaps in the surface which get broken-down by-passing traffic.

Following the Beast from the East during 2018, Admiral saw a spike in pothole related claims. The recent freezing temperatures and icy weather is likely to result in more potholes on UK roads this year.

Analysing its own data from the last five years Admiral found that on average, 13% of pothole-related claims occur in March.

Admiral’s data also shows the number of claims it has dealt with for damage to vehicles caused by potholes has increased by almost 30% since 2016.

Despite lockdown restrictions in place throughout the UK for much of 2020, the number of pothole-related claims increased by 20% last year compared to 2019, showing the ongoing and increasing problems that potholes cause across major roads across Britain.