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‘Pet parents’ seek name inspiration from top 100 baby name lists

Admiral reveals some pet owners are also opting for human monikers at risk of becoming extinct

Portrait of an adorabale inquisitive mixed breed puppy

Admiral reveals some pet owners are also opting for human monikers at risk of becoming extinct

  • Teddy, Luna and Bella top the list of the most popular names for dogs based on Admiral’s data
  • Luna, Milo and Bella are the most popular names for cats  
  • 70% of top ten names for cats and dogs feature in top 100 baby names list for 2022
  • 'At risk' Baby Boomer names such as Doris, Barry, Dennis and Kevin kept alive by pet owners

New data from Admiral Pet Insurance reveals pet owners are opting for human monikers when naming their cats and dogs, seeking inspiration from popular Gen Z and Alpha names, and even Boomer names that are at risk of becoming ‘extinct’ among humans. 

The insurer ranked the 10 most popular names of the cats and dogs chosen by customers over the last three years and found eight of the top 10 names for dogs feature in the top 100 most popular baby names1. For cats, seven of the top 10 names appeared in the 100 most popular baby names1.

Teddy, Luna and Bella were the top three choices for dog owners while cat owners opted for Luna, Milo and Bella. 

Admiral’s research also found some pet owners are choosing names that are so uncommon with new parents they’re at risk of becoming extinct. While Doris and Barry are both still chosen as names for pet pooches according to Admiral’s records, just nine babies were registered with each name last year. For cats, Gary continues to be chosen by owners despite its dwindling popularity as a baby name.

Other ‘human’ names that are in danger of becoming extinct but remain fashionable for pet owners include Kevin and Dennis for both moggies and pooches, along with Trevor, Alan, Derek, Neville and Nigel which are particularly popular with dog owners.

Customers are also looking to movies for inspiration, naming their pets after characters in Disney and Marvel films with Nala (The Lion King), Coco (Coco) and Loki (Avengers/Marvel) all featuring in the top ten names for cats. 

Pritpal Powar Head of Admiral Pet Insurance comments: “Looking at the names that pet owners are choosing it could be hard to know if they were calling across the park for their dog or child! Owners are thinking about what to name their pets as much as they would a baby, with lots of crossover when it comes to the names they’re opting for. The growing number of couples coining themselves DINKWADS on social media (which stands for a couple that have ‘double income, no kids, with a dog’) could be leading this trend.

“Pets are important members of the family, and it’s obvious that people care about their furry friends as if they were human, giving them the same love and attention they would a child. Having pet insurance can help with potentially costly medical fees and helps pets get the care they need quickly. Pet owners can check which type of cover is right for them and their furry family members.”