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Nearly 32 million Brits don’t know important personal information and could be at risk of debt and poor credit ratings

62% of Brits have been asked for personal information in the last year that they’ve been unable to recall

  • 57% don’t know their credit score, which is essential for loans, mortgages, credit cards and more, and therefore risk having bad credit or CCJs they’re unaware of on file
  • Many of us rely on our memory – 26% say they store key information in their heads
  • Admiral Loans reveal the key pieces of financial and lifestyle information that Brits don’t know about themselves that could have financial and health implications.

Nearly 32 million Brits admit they don’t know key pieces of information that could have serious implications on their finances and health. The findings from Admiral Loans reveal that 62% of Brits have been asked for information in the last year that they’ve been unable to recall.

The latest investigation from the loans provider asked Brits if they knew key pieces of their own financial and lifestyle information and found that many over 18-year-olds were struggling with this aspect of ‘adulting’.

Admiral Loans is warning consumers that by remaining unaware of key pieces of personal information such as their credit score, credit and finance balances, they risk getting into financial difficulty or being unaware they have a low credit score, or even CCJs to their name.

The survey revealed the piece of personal information that people struggle most recalling is their NHS number, 78% admitted to not knowing it. This is something that’s become more important recently as it’s required for proof of vaccination documents.

The piece of financial information that most Brits remain unaware about is their pension pots, with 63% admitting they can’t recall the amount of money they have saved in their pensions.

Credit score was the second piece of financial information most Brits don’t know about themselves. Nearly six in ten of us (57%) don’t know their credit score.

As well as the 78% who admitted they don’t know their NHS number, other health related data that people struggled to recall was their blood group – nearly half (47%) revealed they don't know this, whilst nearly a third (30%) said they don’t know their own weight.