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Medical costs rise by 21% for uninsured holidaymakers

Travelling uninsured to popular European destinations could cost you thousands of pounds

  • Average medical treatment costs in Europe have increased by 21% since 2018
  • France, Spain and Portugal are the amongst most expensive countries for medical treatment without insurance
  • Having treatment for a heart attack in Spain could cost £38,000
  • 26% of Brits risk not taking out travel insurance due to the belief that EHIC will cover them

As one of the busiest holiday periods for the travel industry, many Brits will be looking to go abroad this summer after the burden of Covid-19 restrictions.

With this in mind, Admiral Travel Insurance has looked at recent medical costs data in popular European countries and found uninsured holidaymakers who need medical assistance in Europe could face paying thousands of pounds for treatments. Medical treatment for a broken leg costs an average of nearly £2,500, while being repatriated to the UK could cost £6,000. An emergency bypass surgery caused by a heart attack in Spain could cost the average Brit an extortionate £38,000.