London: Home to the UK’s safest drivers


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Least safe drivers live in Southampton according to Telematics expert

  • Drivers in London overall safest, followed by Newcastle and Cardiff
  • Bristol drivers record highest number of journeys over 75mph
  • Regionally, drivers in the South East are most likely to get a low score for their driving
  • Belfast is home to the smoothest drivers behind the wheel

London has been named home to the UK’s safest drivers, according to the nation’s biggest provider of telematics insurance, Admiral while motorists in Southampton are the least safe.  

Analysis of data from thousands of telematics black boxes’ by Admiral LittleBox revealed that of all the major cities in the UK, drivers in Southampton are more likely to be heavy footed on the brakes, more likely to accelerate excessively during their journey and overall least likely to record a top score for their driving from the insurance provider.

Home to the safest drivers is London where, overall, drivers are most likely to be given a top score for their driving than any other city in the UK.

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