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Insurer warns against drink-driving as pubs and restaurants re-open

Admiral urges drivers to be safe and think before getting behind the wheel

Clare Egan, Head of Motor at Admiral, said: “With pubs and restaurants re-opening and licensing laws being relaxed, we could see people tempted to get behind the wheel after a drink but it’s vital to understand the implications of taking this risk. Being caught over the limit can see a driver face up to 6 months in prison, an unlimited fine and a driving ban of at least one year, not to mention the potential life-changing impact it can have if it leads to a crash.

“Those who are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol could find their insurance premiums increasing by more than 250% - if they can get insurance at all. But the financial penalties don’t stop there, if you do have an accident while drink-driving many insurers will refuse to cover the cost of damages, meaning drivers could be left with hefty sums to pay including the cost of third party claims.