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Insurer reveals ‘rear-end shunts’ are most common type of car accident

Admiral urges motorists to leave plenty of space between the car in front on roads

Clare Egan, Head of Motor Product at Admiral, said: “Although lockdown restrictions across the UK means there are often fewer cars on the road and less traffic and less congestion than normal, accidents are still happening.

“In particular, rear-end shunts are all too common and account for nearly a quarter of all accident claims we receive. As a percentage of all claims, rear-end shunts are actually higher now than any time in the last twelve months suggesting many people are still driving too closely to the car in front, despite potentially quieter roads.

“Recent efforts by Highways England and the police to clamp down on tailgating saw 10,000 vehicles caught tailgating in the first two weeks of new cameras being tested, and we’d urge motorists to always keep the safe braking distance from the vehicle in front, regardless of how many other cars are on the road. Not only will this help keep drivers safe, but also their passengers, other drivers and road users too.