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Insurance giant warns drivers to check their class of use to avoid invalidating their motor insurance

Brits returning to commute risk invalidating their insurance if they switched class of use during the pandemic

  • Since January 2020 an average of nearly 13,000 Admiral customers have changed their class of use each month
  • The average number of customers changing their class of use peaked in March 2021 with 15,879 customers making this change
  • Admiral launches new car courier cover after surge in pandemic delivery drivers  

As many Brits return to the workplace, Admiral Motor Insurance is warning drivers to check the class of use on their motor insurance policies to ensure it's still relevant to their current driving use.

The insurer saw the highest number of customers moving their class of use to ‘Social, Domestic and Pleasure’ in March 2021 when 6,552 made this change to their policies, as many drivers continued to work from home. That month also saw the highest number of drivers making any change to their class of use, with 15,879 motorists doing so.

Now Admiral is reminding any drivers who made a change to their class of use during the pandemic to check their policy meets their current circumstances and to let their insurer know if it has changed, to make sure they’re covered.

In particular, drivers that previously had commuting or business use on their policy, but changed it to ‘Social, Domestic and Pleasure’ as they started to work from home, could be under-covered if they’re starting to work away from home again.