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Insurance giant urges Brits to plan 2022 home improvements now to avoid delays

What you need to know: top tips to keep your project on track and on budget

  • Admiral home insurance sees 600% increase in customers completing home renovations
  • The average amount homeowners spent on improvements increased by 163% during the pandemic
  • 38% of homeowners faced delays with building projects

The UK’s love of home improvements has exploded over the last 18 months, leading to a huge 600% increase in renovation projects. But according to a recent report by Admiral home insurance, 38% of homeowners faced delays with building projects over the last 18 months with the average number of days for a renovation in stretching from 55 days in March 2020 to 233 days by June 20214.

With many homeowners facing huge delays and rising costs, building experts are advising Brits to put off non urgent home improvements until the renovation boom has cooled. With this in mind, the insurance giant is urging homeowners to start planning their 2022 projects now to avoid delays and disappointment and has created some top tips to ensure renovation projects stay on budget and on time.