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Insurance giant reveals 18 January is the most DANGEROUS day to drive

Admiral urges motorists to take care as the worst day for car accidents approaches

  • Study of eight years of accident claims data uncovers the day with most crashes
  • 33% more car accidents take place on 18 January, compared with an average day
  • Nearly four times more accidents take place on 18 January than on the safest day of the year

Accident claims data from Admiral Car Insurance has revealed that statistically the most dangerous day of the year to drive is 18 January.

Analysis of Admiral’s own claims records, shows there are on average more accident claims registered on that date compared with any other day of the year.

Based on the study of claims from the last eight years, Admiral found that on average 33% more accident claims are made every year on 18 January in comparison to an average day1.

When compared to the safest day on the roads, which is 25 December, the car insurer found there were typically 275% more accidents on 18 January.