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Insurance giant issues warning for E-scooter users

Analysis of Admiral data reveals a rise in E-scooter claims this year

  • E-scooter trials currently in place in more than 30 locations across England
  • Admiral predicts accidents involving E-scooters and cars will increase this year

Adam Gavin, Deputy Head of Claims, from Admiral said: “With E-scooter trials now taking place in more than 30 locations1 across England, there’s no doubt they’re going to become even more popular on our roads as they offer a cheap, easy and environmentally friendly way for people to get around.

“However, with the rise in the number of people using E-scooters comes an increase in risk for all road users, including motorists who have an additional hazard to look out for. So far this year, Admiral has seen a spike in the number of accidents reported to us involving E-scooter riders, with 52 registered to date. Although this may not sound like a lot, it’s a big difference compared to the start of last year where there were just 13 accidents reported to us in total2 from January to June 2020. Our data shows there is a definite trend in the number of accidents involving drivers and E-scooter riders, and we believe the number of accidents will continue to rise.