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Homes under the Gram-mer

Instagram is millennials go-to for design inspiration

  • Almost three quarters (73%) of millennials admit to being envious of homes they see on social media
  • Investigation reveals 43% of millennials take home décor inspiration from Instagram
  • Millennials spend over £1,500 replicating interiors they’ve seen online, nearly four times more than the average
  • 37% of millennials feel more pressure over their home décor thanks to social media compared to 11% of consumers in general
  • Former president of the British Institute of Interior Design Daniel Hopwood shares predictions for new décor trends
  • Admiral reveals 1 in 5 loans taken are for home improvement

A new investigation by Admiral Loans has revealed over two fifths (43%) of millennials admit they head straight to Instagram for inspiration when it comes to home interiors, spending an average of £1,584 to copy trends they’ve seen on social media.

As part of the investigation Admiral has teamed up with interior designer and former president of the British Institute of Interior Design, Daniel Hopwood, to reveal the extent to which social media is driving the nation’s home décor choices and identifying which upcoming trends are already getting consumer attention online.

Based on its own personal loan customers, Admiral revealed around one in 5 loans taken are used for home improvement, with an average loan size of £7,347 taken to update interiors.

The online and offline divide

Admiral’s research found that on average, over a third of consumers admitted the homes of their friends and family provided the biggest source of inspiration for them when it comes to home décor, but for millennials the biggest drivers of interior influences were found online with Instagram leading the way.