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Green doesn’t always mean Go: Brits confusion over crossings causes more accidents

Admiral investigates rise in pedestrian accidents on UK roads.

  • A third of pedestrians have had a near miss with a vehicle at a pedestrian crossing
  • Pedestrians are the most vulnerable group using our roads, with 15 serious injuries or fatalities every day
  • A Pelican crossing is the most dangerous place to cross – and 4 in 5 drivers and pedestrians don’t know what they are
  • Over 1 in 4 people can’t identify a zebra crossing in the UK
  • More than half of pedestrians don’t know what a flashing green light means

According to new research from car insurance expert, Admiral, drivers and pedestrians in the UK are clueless when it comes to identifying the difference between pedestrian crossings and the rules around them and are putting themselves in potential danger as a result.