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FACT OR FICTION: professor clears the air on EV myths

UK’s leading insurer of electric cars, Admiral, partners with professor to debunk myths putting drivers off the switch

  • Does using the heating or wipers drain your battery? Will the grid be able to cope if we all switch to EVs? Cardiff University professor, Peter Wells, busts common myths
  • Only 1 in 3 (37%) drivers would currently get an EV for their next car
  • Range anxiety, cost and even motion sickness potentially putting drivers of making the switch

The UK’s leading insurer of electric cars, Admiral car insurance, has partnered with a driving expert to debunk some of the biggest myths around EV driving and ownership in the UK, and has revealed the common concerns of drivers when it comes to making the switch to electric.

Admiral has worked with top automotive expert Professor Peter Wells, Director of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research, from Cardiff University, who has shared his knowledge to confirm what is fact, and what is fiction when it comes to EVs including the risk of fires, battery-draining features, and how the grid would cope if we all made the shift to electric.

The insurer also commissioned research to find out some of the most common misconceptions and concerns drivers face when it comes to EV ownership, with range anxiety, cost, and access to charging points coming out on top.