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Drivers urged caution over E-scooters during dark winter commutes

E-scooter popularity sees accidents continue to climb, data by Admiral reveals

  • Ten-fold increase in e-scooter incidents since 2019, reflecting popularity surge with one in 10 households now owning one
  • One in five (19%) drivers say they’ve had an accident or near miss with an e-scooter, according to survey research
  • Head of Claims at Admiral says: “Accident numbers are still small, but please be vigilant – one accident is one accident too many.”
  • Admiral issues guidance so drivers and riders can travel safely side-by-side as two thirds (66%) are unaware e-scooters are illegal on public roads
  • New police data reveals 1,503 e-scooters confiscated in the last year, but 60% of people are pro-e-scooters if insurance, regulatory and infrastructure provisions are made

Claims data from Admiral reveals the number of incidents reported involving e-scooters more than doubled between 2020 and 2021. The insurer also saw a ten-fold increase in e-scooter incidents compared with 2019. According to new research one in five drivers say they have been involved in an accident or near miss with an e-scooter. Now Admiral Car Insurance is urging drivers to be vigilant during darker winter days to ensure both drivers and riders remain safe on the roads.

According to data gained by the insurer from police forces across the UK, there have been over 490 accidents reported since 2019, and some forces report a 300% increase in the number of accidents involving an e-scooter from 2020 to 20211. UK police forces also reported more than 1,500 e-scooter confiscations in 2021, an increase of 456% on the number of e-scooter confiscations in 20202.

Admiral’s own claims data shows that 143 incidents involving e-scooters were registered in 2021, more than double the 65 reported in 20203. While the numbers are still small, it suggests that accidents involving e-scooters continue to rise.