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Brits dream of hitting the road in a campervan this summer

Nearly half of drivers would like to own a motorhome or campervan

  • The freedom of a motorhome appeals most to Brits
  • Many motorists are confused about where it’s legal to park a motorhome
  • Almost a third (32%) of motorhome/campervan drivers have been in an accident
  • Admiral provides essential advice for new motorhome and campervan owners

With more Brits opting for a summer staycation this year, the latest research from  Admiral van insurance explores the increased appeal of campervan and motorhome holidays.

Admiral’s research found many Brits feel more comfortable with a staycation this year - more than a third (36%) confessed to feeling safer staying in the UK this summer because of the Covid-19 pandemic, while others felt the uncertainty around travel abroad made staying in the UK a better option for a summer holiday this year (21%).

With more holiday makers looking for a new type of holiday, the insurer found almost half of drivers (45%) would like to own a motorhome or campervan and a further one in five (22%) would be open to the idea of owning one.

The freedom a motorhome or campervan offers to Brits is the most appealing thing about owning one (56%). Drivers were also attracted by the ease of travelling around different parts of the UK (53%), the added comfort compared to a tent (44%) and the ability to stay in interesting places (40%).

The top five reasons for wanting to own a motorhome/campervan


Reason for wanting a motorhome



I like the freedom it offers me



It allows me to travel around different parts of the UK easily



You can visit lots of different places in the UK



I think it would be more practical and comfortable than a tent



You can camp in interesting places



It's cheaper than paying for a hotel or B&B