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Barking mad or puppy love?

The amount owners fork out for their four-legged friends revealed

  • A quarter of dog owners weren’t prepared for what owning a dog would cost
  • 43% of owners admitted to not researching any costs before buying their dog
  • Using a doggy day care service just twice a week can add up to over £2,000 a year
  • 7-nights at a dog kennel can add an extra £119 to the cost of your week-long holiday
  • 1 in 3 dog owners admit to spending more than £25 a month on treats for their dog – adding up to £300 a year
  • Admiral has created a handy tool to help new dog owners calculate finances

The cost of being a dog owner soon adds up but not everyone is prepared for it, research from Admiral Pet Insurance has revealed.

Research from the insurer has revealed that a quarter (24%) of dog owners say they weren’t prepared for the cost of owning a dog and that it was more expensive than they expected.

Perhaps unsurprising when you consider that 43% of dog owners admit to doing no research on costs before getting their pup.

And 35% of dog owners said they found the expense of ownership to be challenge.

To reduce some of the leg-work for those thinking of getting a dog, Admiral has created a handy tool which calculates all the essential and potential costs involved in owning a dog.