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Anti-social Britain: Could good neighbours become good friends?

More than a quarter of next door neighbours have fallen out

  • Two fifths of people have no interest in socialising with their neighbours
  • Nearly a quarter of Brits are friends with their neighbours on social media
  • Almost a third of 18-24 year olds confess to not knowing their neighbours’ names
  • Taking in parcels is the biggest must if you want to be considered a good neighbour

New research from Admiral Home Insurance reveals exactly what makes a good, and bad neighbour in 21st century Britain and what you could do if you want to be considered the perfect neighbour.

Taking in Amazon orders and ASOS deliveries tops the list of traits that make a good neighbour according to Brits, as almost two thirds (65%) of people think that signing for and accepting parcels is the role of a perfect neighbour.

Keeping an eye on your neighbour’s property while they’re away is second on the list, with over half (57%) of homeowners saying this the mark of a good neighbour.

Meanwhile keeping the noise level down was third on the list, with 47% of homeowners believing that the perfect neighbour shouldn’t be heard.

Just one in 10 people go to their neighbours’ house for a chat as casual conversation is enough for most people, with over a third of Brits saying that a bit of chit chat is the sign of a good neighbour.

With an ageing population, a third of people say that keeping an eye on the elderly in the community is the sign of a good neighbour.

Top 10 traits of a good neighbour – how many do you have?

Neighbourly trait


Takes in my parcels


Keeps an eye on my property if we are away


Doesn’t make too much noise


Makes casual conversation


Keeps an eye on elderly neighbours


Takes my bin in or out 


Waters my plants while I’m away


Keeps a spare key for my home


Feeds my pets while I’m away


Lends me tools or equipment