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Admiral compares the cost of Covid travel tests in the UK to other countries

UK is second most expensive in study as price for one PCR is £92

  • USA is the most expensive country for PCR tests costing £119 per person
  • Turkey offers cheapest option, charging locals £20 per PCR test
  • UK holidaymakers paying £184 per person for tests to travel to some amber-listed countries

With the Competition and Market Authority set to investigate pricing of PCR Covid tests for travel abroad, an investigation by Admiral travel insurance reveals the UK is one of the most expensive countries for PCR travel testing.

Despite ever-changing travel rules and regulations, Brits are still keen to go abroad this summer, and currently UK residents will have to fork out £92 on average for one PCR test1.

The new research from Admiral reveals the cost of UK Covid tests required to take before and after travelling to some countries on the amber-list could cost holidaymakers on average an additional £184 per trip per person – that’s £552 for a family of four2.

Depending on the entry restrictions of the country you are travelling to, holidaymakers may be required to obtain proof of a negative Covid result from a private provider before leaving the UK. They are also required to take an additional test in the destination country before returning to the UK to show a negative Covid result. A PCR test or a cheaper Lateral Flow test will be accepted and could be purchased beforehand and taken away with the traveller, as long as it comes from a UK government approved testing centre.

All travellers, regardless of their vaccination status, will also need to take a PCR test within 48 hours after returning to the UK. This test must be booked with a UK government approved supplier before heading home.

Holiday companies, airlines and some of the UK Covid test providers also offer bundles and will include all the required tests for holidaymakers to fly in and out of the UK but if unprepared, travellers could end up paying more than necessary.

Comparison of Covid travel test costs

Exploring how much UK residents are paying for Covid travel tests in comparison to those living in other nations, Admiral uncovered the average price for PCR tests in 10 different countries.

The insurer found the USA is the most expensive country as it costs locals £119 per test, on average. This cost increases to £237 for a couple and £476 for a family of four.

The next most expensive country for PCR testing, excluding the UK, is Portugal coming in at a cost of £85 per person. Whereas, Turkey offered the cheapest option, with PCR Covid tests costing just over £20 each for local residents. This is £71 less than a British resident will pay for the same test in the UK.