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18 January: The most dangerous day to drive

Admiral urges driver caution as the worst day for car accidents approaches

  • New Admiral research reveals more car accidents happen on the 18 January than any other day of the year
  • Research based on 7 years of accident data
  • Car accidents are 288% more likely to happen on the 18 January compared to the safest day on the road, 25 December
  • Christmas week is the safest time for driving

Research carried out by Admiral Car Insurance has revealed the 18 January is the most dangerous day to drive, with more accident claims registered on that date in comparison to any other day of the year.

Based on analysis of claims from its own policyholders from the last 7 years, Admiral found that on average 35% more accident claims are made every year on 18 January in comparison to an average day. In comparison to the safest day, 25 December, the car insurer found there were typically 288% more accidents on 18 January.

The winter months are the most dangerous for driving

Analysis of the data revealed winter is the most treacherous time to be in the car with all but one of the top ten days for the highest number of accidents taking place in winter months.

Whilst the 18 January was found to be the most dangerous day for drivers, the second and third most dangerous days for driving are both at the beginning of December. On average 277% more claims are made on 5 December than just 20 days later on 25 December and 275% more claims are made on 1 December than a typical Christmas day.

Top 10 days most likely to have a car accident


Date of accident


18 January


5 December


1 December


16 January


30 November


14 December


28 February


15 December


4 December


1 March