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13 driving laws motorists may be unknowingly breaking

Motorists caught breaking these laws could amass fines of £27,860

  • 44% of road users haven’t looked at the Highway Code for more than 20 years
  • Motorists convicted of driving without due care and attention could see their insurance increase
  • Admiral urges motorists to keep up to date with the changing rules of the road to avoid fines and penalty points

Admiral car insurance has unpicked some of the lesser-known driving laws motorists may not know about to help them avoid getting caught out and being hit with a hefty fine or penalty points.

The advice follows a recent investigation by the insurer which revealed that a shocking 44% of road users haven’t looked at the Highway Code for more than 20 years, meaning many motorists may not truly understand the rules of the road, potentially putting themselves and others in danger.

Drivers caught and charged with a motoring offence may also notice a difference in the price of their insurance premium, the insurer has warned.

Clare Egan, Head of Motor Product at Admiral, said: “Whether it’s obeying the speed limit, holding valid car insurance, or avoiding using a mobile phone while driving, most of us know and abide by the basic rules of the road. However, some motorists could be breaking the law without even realising it, risking fines, penalty points and even their licence in the process.

“The lockdown restrictions currently in place across the UK could mean some motorists haven’t driven for a while, so we’d advise them to take some time, before getting behind the wheel, to brush up on the latest rules and regulations to keep themselves and other road users safe.”