Is a dog right for me?

Use our decision tree to find out
if getting a dog is right for you

Do I have time for a dog?

I'm in work
all day and out
most evenings
I have time to
walk a dog in the
day and evening
Pets are just as socially-dependant as humans, with dogs needing a lot of attention. They don’t like to be left alone all day as they can become lonely and distressed.

Will a pet fit into
my lifestyle?

I would take
my dog with me
on hols or have a
trusty friend to
look after it while
I’m away
I go on holiday
a few times a year
and not sure who
would look
after my pet
If you’re out of the house a lot consider who would look after your dog while you’re away, who will feed and walk it?

Is my home ready for a dog?

I don’t have
much room and
lots of expensive
things I wouldn’t
want damaged
Yes there’s lots
of space and I have
a garden too
Many pets need space to run around and play in, and will chew anything they can. A guinea pig won’t need as much space as a German shepherd – perhaps explore another option

A dog could be right for you – take a look at the other things to consider below

Costs of owning a pet

Pets can be very expensive, and many people underestimate how much their upkeep will cost. You can use our dog cost calculator to work out how much you can expect to spend on dog ownership, there are several costs to consider:

Initial cost

Some pets cost hundreds of pounds just to purchase or rehome; have you thought about a rescue dog?

Monthly costs

Food, cat litter and treatments all need to be taken into account

Annual costs

Things such as vaccine boosters and flea and worm treatment will incur a yearly cost

One off costs

Microchipping, neutering, obedience classes for dogs and pet furnishings. Vet fees will cost you a lot if you don’t have pet insurance to cover the bill

Protecting your beloved pet

We understand that you would want quality treatment for your pet in the case of any illness or accidents, however quality veterinary treatment can cost thousands of pounds.

Give your pet the cover they deserve

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