How to keep your pets safe at home


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Getting home to your excitable pooch or purring puss at the end of a busy day is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face

From excited barks and a wagging tail to welcoming meows and contented purrs, our pets really do love us and we really do love our pets.

Because we love our four-legged friends so much, making sure they’re safe and covered if anything was to happen to them is vital.

Admiral Pet Insurance covers veterinary fees, third party liability and accident cover for your cat or dog. There are six levels of cover available, so you can just choose the one which suits you best.

To help you keep your pets happy and safe at home we’ve put together some top tips to help you out and to give you peace of mind while you’re away from your furry friend.

Watch what they eat

Whether you have a cat or a dog you probably know by now they are pretty greedy and will eat whatever they find.

Try to feed them at the same time every day so they know when to expect food and don’t leave ‘human food’ within their reach. Some foods can be fatal to both cats and dogs – chocolate, for example, can cause liver failure. The RSPCA provides information on foods which aren’t suitable for your cat or dog.

Beware of plants

Lilies may be your favourite flower but they can be lethal to cats. If you do have them in the house keep them in a room your cats don’t go into or on a high surface they can’t get at. However, it might just be best not to take the risk at all and invest in some silk flowers and a lily scented air freshener.

Keep them hydrated

Your pets should always have access to fresh drinking water so be sure to fill up their bowls before you leave the house. If possible leave more than one source of water in different locations as animals like choice too!

Don’t leave them for too long

It’s no surprise cats are lower maintenance than dogs and can be left alone for longer periods of time but that doesn’t mean you should forget about them all together. You should always make time to play with your cat and pay them plenty of attention when you get home from work. Dogs on the other hand shouldn’t be left alone for more than four hours at a time, especially when they’re puppies. If you have to work all day you should arrange for a dog walking service to take your pooch out or for a family member or friend to check in and give them some attention and a walk.

Get them a friend

Dogs are pack animals and enjoy the companionship of having another dog in the household. Cats are more solitary creatures and are often happy enough living alone. However, all cats are different – introducing another cat to your moggy once they have gone past the socialisation period could stress them out. But on the other hand, cats which have been in the company of other kitties since they were in a litter may be much happier with a mate.

Keep an eye on them

If you’re really worried about leaving your pet at home all day and can’t bear to have them out of your sight/are concerned they may be chewing your curtains while you’re at work, you could invest in some pet CCTV. There are lots of options available when it comes to cameras to keep an eye on your pet. The Motorola Scout 85, for example allows you to view your pet from anywhere, at any time – you can even use the talk function and speak to your pet.

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