Thinking about getting a pet?

Thinking about getting a pet?

Do it for the right reasons

Admiral Pet Insurance asked cat and dog owners why they got their pets and what they regretted*

*An online survey was conducted among 2000 UK dog and cat owners in June 2018

Where did they get
their pets from?

  • Breeder (29%)
  • Rescue Shelter (24%)
  • From a friend/family (19%)
  • Petshop (11%)
  • Advert (8%)
  • Stray (4%)
  • Online (3%)
  • Other (2%)

Why did they get one?

Wanted a pet since they were a child

Got a pet for their partner

Got their pet for their kids

Were inspired by social media or a celebrity

Pet Regrets

Top reasons for regretting getting a pet

When I am landed with an expensive vet bill 12% 15%
When I have to clean up faeces/urine/vomit/fur 13% 21%
When my pet ruins our home/furniture 12% 17%
When I feel guilty leaving my pet at home 14% 12%
I have never regretted getting my pet 34% 51%

Dog owners would consider re-homing their pet

Cat owners felt the same way

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