Is confusion over pedestrian crossings causing more accidents?

Have you been driven to distraction? In the last five years Admiral Car Insurance has dealt with 5,723 claims where a motorist has hit a pedestrian. Both drivers and pedestrians have a responsibility to take care on and around the road. Especially when it comes to the distractions of mobile phones and knowing the rules of pedestrian crossings.

Using a phone while driving is not only illegal, it puts everyone at risk. But it’s not only drivers who can be distracted by their phone, pedestrians too need to pay attention to ensure crossing safety.

So be aware - and please take care!


Over 20,000 drivers were convicted of driving while using a mobile phone last year.

Phone convictions

Time of day
3pm - 4pm

When most road accidents involving pedestrians happen.

Accident locations

In the last year 3,632 of accidents happened on a pedestrian crossing, 120 on a refuge or central reservation and 1,844 accidents within 50 metres of a pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrians’ age

Age of pedestrians that have had an accident on a crossing

Accidents involving children & adults

What type of crossings have the highest percentage of accidents involving children and adults?

Accidents by country

Number of pedestrian fatalities in road accidents in 2015.

Most memorable crossing

What percentage of pedestrians can identify different types of pedestrian crossing?

  • Zebra crossing 73%
  • Pelican crossing 21%
  • Puffin crossing 13%
  • Toucan crossing 8%

Phone distraction

31% of drivers find their mobile phone a distraction, 22% find pedestrians a distraction

Near misses

31% of pedestrians say they have nearly been hit by a driver while crossing the road.