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What is windscreen cover?

Some of the most common questions we get asked are: what is windscreen cover, do I have it and why do I need it?

image of a car windscreen


Windscreen damage is normally due to chips or cracks in the glass which can be a distraction when driving as they can impair vision.

Windscreen chips can occur when vehicles drive over loose stones or when there’s airborne debris.

Windscreen cracks can occur as a result of a combination of cold windscreens and warm heaters which can weaken the glass over time.

Windscreen claims are extremely common and the Admiral Claims team deal with thousands of glass claims every year.

Does fully comprehensive car insurance cover windscreens?

Many car insurance comprehensive policies include windscreen cover, but check with your insurer to make sure your windscreen is protected. If your car insurance doesn't have specific windscreen cover you may be liable to pay the full excess in the event of a claim and you could lose your No Claims Bonus. 

Windscreen repair and replacement cover is included in Admiral’s comprehensive policies (excluding Essential tier) as standard and can be bought as an added extra on other policies.

If you need to replace your windscreen, the cost to do this through your insurance with Admiral is an excess of £115. Windscreen repairs carry an excess of £25 if you make a claim. You should always check your policy schedule to confirm these excesses.

What do I do if I have a chipped or cracked windscreen?

If you’re insured with Admiral (excluding customers on Essential tier) and discover damage to your windscreen, you need to take the following actions:

1. Call 0333 220 2025 or book online with Autoglass® to make a windscreen or glass claim

2. We’ll put you in touch with our approved repairer so you can make an appointment

3. If you have windscreen cover included in your policy, the following excesses will apply:

  • If the glass is repaired, there is an excess of £25
  • If any glass is replaced, there is an excess of £115.

Other things to consider when claiming for windscreen damage

  • If you don’t use our approved repairer, the maximum we can pay out is £50
  • A windscreen chip can develop into a crack at any time so it is extremely important to get the chip repaired as soon as you spot it
  • If you fail to get a repair before the damage spreads, you could invalidate your claim and your insurance may not cover it
  • Driving with a cracked or chipped windscreen is dangerous, your car could potentially fail its MOT as a result.

How to avoid damaging your windscreen

We asked our windscreen supplier Autoglass for their top tips on glass maintenance:

  • Check the weather – if overnight frost is expected, use a cover to protect the windscreen
  • Don’t be rash – pouring hot water or using sharp objects to defrost your windscreen could lead to cracks or chips
  • Take it slow – defrost the vehicle slowly using de-icer or a suitable scraper
  • Top it up – remember to keep washer fluid and anti-freeze topped up
  • Wipe away – you need to replace your wipers as soon as they show signs of wear and tear.

Our claims page should have all the information you need.

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