17 emergency items you should have in your car


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Our blogger Sammy Jenkins take a humorous look at the 17 essentials every driver should have in their car

1.    Grab yourself a coat.
Sometimes life just doesn’t go to plan and you’ll find yourself in the bitter cold, standing off the hard shoulder because your car has decided to die on you. When you’ve not got anyone to offer you a hug to keep you warm, you’ll definitely need a coat.

2.    Extra pair of ‘appropriate flat’ shoes
For when those dreaded blisters hit or you decide to wear the most inappropriate pair of shoes; for emergencies y’know.

3.    A blanket to keep warm if you break down.
Nothing worse than being stranded on a country road in the winter without something to keep you cosy. Even if not used for breaking down, your passenger may appreciate it.

4.    Bottles of water
For you to drink, for cooling down purposes…

5.    Benjamins
An extra stash of cash always comes in handy when you accidentally misplace your purse or you forget about the toll bridge fee on the Severn Bridge 

6.    First aid kit
No one likes breaking a nail without having a plaster… or getting a paper cut.

7.    A torch
For the times you fancy going through the woods at night or the time where you need to look under your bonnet.

8.    Wet wipes/tissues for issues
For colds, for opening your Coke bottle too soon after dropping it and for all the other bits in between.

9.    Survival snacks
Sometimes you break down, get stuck in traffic or just find yourself hungry on your commute home. Survival snacks are near enough crucial.

10.    A portable charger
Nothing worse than being without a phone to use when you’re in an emergency. (Obviously you must use it when stopped!)

11.    Umbrella
For those long, cold, wet walks from your car to Tesco (and back!)

12.    A fire extinguisher

13.    A spare tyre
Is there any need to state the obvious?

14.    Jump leads
For when you sit waiting for someone and flatten your battery by singing to Gabrielle power ballads in the car park.

15.    People’s contact digits
For when your phone dies and you find yourself lost, or in an emergency.

16.    Car manual

17.    Pen & paper
Useful for when you’ve ran out of phone battery and someone decides to bump you in the local supermarket car park. You’re going to need to write all those deetz down.

  • If you are unlucky enough to break down, or you simply want to know what to do just in case, take a look at our handy step-by-step guide on what to do if your car breaks down

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