Insurance if you work from home


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Admiral tells you everything you need to know about insuring your home for business use.


If you're one of the many people who work, or run a business from home it's important to make sure your insurance covers you, your home and any equipment you need, in case of damage, loss or theft.

Is working from home covered by my home insurance?

Every insurer is different so check what yours considers as business use. Business use is often deemed to be anything done from home in a continued or repeated way for monetary gain.

In general, your standard home contents insurance policy would not provide enough cover for working from home. It's important to check your policy documents and find out what you're covered for, if you require additional cover, you should speak with your insurer to see if they can offer you this.

Do I have to tell my insurer I work from home?

In short, yes. You may not need additional cover, but it's best to check - if the worst were to happen, you could be left uninsured because you've invalidated your policy. You'll need to inform your insurer what your work situation is. If your work situation changes in the middle of a policy, make your insurer aware as not doing so could invalidate your insurance.

Does home insurance cost more if you run a business from your house?

Running a business from home or working from home will change how your insurer assesses your cover. You may find your premium goes up depending on the equipment you hold or if you have regular visitors to the property.

The different types of business use on home insurance

There are three main classification of home working:

Clerical business use is when you work from home and use office equipment for administration tasks such as book keeping, drafting letters, invoices etc.

If you’re working at home for an employer then you could be covered by your employer's insurance, make sure you check this first as it could save you money.

Business use with visitors is when you have visitors to your home in relation to your business. Professions like a beautician, dog groomer and tutor are examples that may fall under this.

This could have a higher impact on your insurance policy because your home and contents will be regarded as higher risk.

Other business use is when you run a business from home; a crafts maker for example may come under business use. If you're not entirely sure on how to define your home working then get in touch with your insurer for clarification.

Will Admiral's home insurance cover me?

If you're already insured with Admiral or looking for Home Insurance, we can typically cover:

  •     Businesses that have a low number of visitors to the property, for example if you're a maths tutor that spends most of your time at clients houses then that's perfect
  •     Mobile hairdressers, beauticians and dog groomers
  •     Registered childminders
  •     Office equipment used for business is covered on our Gold and Platinum Home Insurance, providing the equipment isn't classified as expensive business equipment

Presently, we do not provide cover for:

  • Properties used solely for business purposes. For example, if you have employees, a large number of visitors, or you run a surgery

Find out more information about Admiral Home Insurance, or if you would prefer to talk to one of our advisors just call 0800 600 870

Other insurance considerations if you run a business from home

If you're self-employed and run a business from your home, you may need to make sure you're covered by other types of insurance in order to protect yourself and your business. 

Professional indemnity insurance

You will need this if you're offering advice to customers on a professional basis; it simply covers you for what you do. This will protect you in a situation when you make a mistake in your work.If your client suffers a financial loss as a result, you may be faced with a claim for compensation.

Public liability insurance

This covers the financial loss you may incur should a member of the public suffer an injury or have property damaged at the premises used for your business.

Does Admiral Home Insurance offer professional indemnity or public liability insurance?

We do not provide cover for either of these. If you've already purchased or are in the process of purchasing home insurance from Admiral, and you need this cover, you will need to ensure you have sourced this separately (perhaps with a specific home business insurance policy).

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