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Does your home insurance cover the contents of your freezer?

Find out whether the contents of your fridge freezer is protected by your home insurance with our guide

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When taking out home insurance, you want the peace of mind that valuable items are protected if they come to harm.

Clothes, computers and furniture are all important – but we all spend lots of money each week on something that many people don’t realise is insured: food.

Many of us rely on freezers to stock up on things that can be costly to replace, including prime cuts of meat, fish, and convenience foods. This may be specifically covered by your contents insurance – it's across all Admiral Contents Insurance.

When can you claim for frozen food?

If it’s included, your policy insures food in your freezer (up to the value specified in your policy documents) in the event of a sudden rise or fall in temperature, or contamination by refrigerant or its fumes. The maximum limit, if you choose Admiral Platinum Home Insurance, is £1,000.

For instance, if your home is affected by a power failure or power surge that puts your freezer out of action long enough for food to spoil, you should be insured. And you’re also normally covered if your freezer unexpectedly gives up the ghost because of a fault.

Is freezer cover included on my policy?

You’ll need to check the policy wording to find out if freezer cover is included.

All Admiral’s home Contents Insurance policies provide freezer cover. The policy wording is the same whether you’ve chosen Admiral Home, Gold or Platinum level of cover.

What freezers are covered?

With most policies, any freezer under 10 years old, in domestic use at your home, is insured. This means the main freezer in your kitchen, plus any secondary freezers in your utility room, outbuildings or sheds are covered.

Can you claim for a new freezer?

Yes, if the freezer has stopped working permanently because of accidental damage, such as from a power surge. If the freezer has simply broken down with age, on the other hand, you’ll need to replace this yourself. This is the case with Admiral Contents Insurance, and is often the same with other insurers.

Do you need receipts?

Not in most cases, since the cover relates to food that's spoiled (rather than been stolen), it’s easy to know exactly what has gone bad.

Usually, insurers will ask you to give a list of what’s spoiled and photographs of the food before it’s disposed, and what it would cost you to replace it at today’s prices. Your insurer may do this considering you might be using the freezer to stock up on bargain special offers you’ve found.

You might use your freezer to keep leftovers to be reheated as work lunches, and obviously these items are harder to replace on a like-for-like basis. In this instance, your insurer might look to replace each portion with a similar shop-bought ready meal – or fresh ingredients that you can work your culinary magic on.

These examples are how we consider claims at Admiral, and you might find a different process with another insurer.

A word of warning: don't overstate your claim. If you’re claiming for an improbable amount (listing more food than could ever realistically fit into your freezer), your insurer will pick up on this and your claim could be refused.

Do I need extra cover at Christmas or other celebration times?

Some people take out extra cover during times of celebration, including weddings and religious festivals, for extra items (including food) being stored at home in preparation for the events.

We call it Celebration cover and it’s included on Admiral Gold and Platinum Home cover.

What isn’t insured?

As with any insurance policy, you’re unlikely to be covered for a scenario that is easily preventable or can be foreseen.

This typically includes:

  • Incidences where the power supply has been accidentally turned off
  • Planned power outages (such as maintenance work)
  • If your freezer is over 10 years old

So, ensure the plug socket isn’t within easy reach of little fingers, and keep abreast of planned outages by opening your mail promptly and following your electricity provider on social media.

At Admiral, we also won’t replace any non-food items you might keep in your freezer, or anything that hasn’t spoiled, like bottles of spirits. It’s usually the same case with other insurers.

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