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Family Legal Protection: what is it and how does it work?

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What is Family Legal Protection cover?

Also known as home insurance legal cover, Family Legal Protection (FLP) helps pay legal costs towards claims for several issues, including property and employment disputes, and personal injury claims. 

We’ll look in more detail at exactly what you can claim for on Admiral's cover below. 

Our FLP is an optional add-on to your Admiral Home Insurance, unless you have Platinum level cover where it’s included as standard. It pays up to £100,000 in legal costs. If you’re unsure if you have this cover, see your Home Policy Schedule – FLP is only included if it’s listed there. 

If you need to make a claim, you’ll get access to a dedicated advice line that’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and a team of solicitors too. And there’s no excess to pay. 

Who’s covered by Family Legal Protection?

Family Legal Protection covers you and family members at the same address. This might be your:

  • Partner, including civil or cohabiting
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Brothers and sisters

What can I claim for with Family Legal Protection?

Family Legal Protection covers a range of situations. The top three most claimed for with Admiral are: 

  1. Consumer disputes: If there’s a breach of contract for goods or services you’ve sold, bought or rented, we’ll cover your legal costs if needed 
  2. Employment disputes: If your employer breaches your contract of employment or legal rights under employment laws, such as unfair or wrongful dismissal, or discrimination, your legal costs for a tribunal are covered
  3. Property disputes: If someone damages your home, causes a nuisance or trespasses, the costs of taking civil legal action against them are covered

But that’s not all your home insurance legal cover can help with – it also covers:

  • Motor contract disputes: If you’re selling or buying goods or services for a car or van
  • Personal injury: Legal costs if you pursue financial compensation for damages after an accident
  • Tax: The costs of an accountant if you're subject to an HM Revenue and Customs full enquiry
  • Probate: Legal costs for disputing the will of your parents, grandparents, children, step-children or adopted children
  • Personal identity theft: Help if you're a victim of identity theft 
  • Vehicle cloning: Legal costs if your car or van’s identity is used without your permission
  • Jury service: If you lose pay after taking time off work for jury service (and the costs can’t be recovered from your employer or the court)

Family Legal Protection and Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought uncertainty to every aspect of modern life, from health and social worries to financial and employment instability. And unfortunately for some people, legal issues are an all-too-real consequence of this. 

Family Legal Protection can help if you:

  • Have trouble with your holiday booking or event provider because of Coronavirus 
  • Need employment advice and guidance on furlough, returning to work or redundancy
  • Have issues with your neighbours, such as boundary or right of way disagreements 

Take a look at some real-life case studies of how Family Legal Protection can help take care of you and your family in situations beyond Coronavirus, too.

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Real life claims case study: contractual dispute

In this example, our customer asked a local contractor to carry out some work on their home including installing a new boiler and heating system, skylights, and a new garage roof.

It turned out the contractor wasn’t Gas Safe registered, the skylight in the utility room was fitted incorrectly so it leaked, and the new garage roof installation wasn’t up to scratch.

Our customer tried several ways to work out a solution with the contractor but was unsuccessful. They then made a claim on their FLP cover and a solicitor was appointed. 

Outcome: The case went to court and the contractor was ordered to pay a settlement of £10,800 to the customer. 

Real life claims case study: employment dispute

Our customer worked for the same company for nearly 30 years before being told they were at risk of redundancy.

Although they were offered a new role in the company, they saw it as a demotion as it didn’t include management responsibilities. Our customer decided not to accept and was made redundant.  

They made a claim on their FLP, a solicitor was appointed, and the early conciliation process (discussions that take place before a workplace dispute goes to tribunal) began. 

Outcome: Our customer accepted £70,000 compensation from their employers, as well as a reference for their next job.

While this next example isn’t a direct consequence of Coronavirus, these types of issues have increased recently – probably because people are spending more time at home.

Real life claims case study: property dispute

Our customer’s neighbour’s tree had grown so large that it started to damage the boundary fence. Although the fence had begun to buckle under the tree, their neighbour refused to talk about it and didn’t answer any of our customer’s letters. 

They decided to claim on their FLP and a solicitor was instructed, who contacted the neighbour to ask them to fix the damage. 

Outcome: The neighbour arranged for the fence to be repaired and the tree to be removed to prevent any more damage. 

Here are some scenarios where the unexpected challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic could cause issues to the working lives of our customers, and when FLP could help.


Say Mr M has worked as a project manager for six years but, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, is furloughed for three months as his workload has significantly reduced.

Hypothetically, three weeks into furlough, Mr M’s manager asks him to carry out numerous administrative tasks. While there isn’t enough work for him to return from furlough, there are still tasks that need to be completed, he was told.

Mr M queries this with his company’s HR department as he believes he shouldn’t be working while furloughed; his role is made redundant shortly after this.

He believes the selection for redundancy was made off the back of his concerns about working while furloughed, which he thinks is unfair.

Mr M contacts our legal helpline for advice and the details needed to report his claim.

Working from home

At the start of the pandemic Mrs S asked her employer to work from home as she suffers from a medical condition that means she should shield, under Government guidance. She’d previously carried out some work from home without issue.

However, in this scenario, Mrs S’s employer declines her request, despite several team members working from home, and asks that she work from the office.

Mrs S feels she has no choice but to resign from her role as a customer service manager as she doesn’t feel safe going into the office with her medical condition. After discussing her employment matter with our legal helpline, Mrs S reports her claim as she believes she has been constructively dismissed from her role.

How to make a Family Legal Protection claim

Now you know what you can claim for, it’s time to look at how to make a claim. 

With any legal problem like those listed above, your first step is to call the legal helpline on 0344 770 1042, where you’ll get some advice and details on how to make a claim if you need to. 

Your policy booklet covers in detail what your obligations are when making a claim and also any terms and conditions that apply. 

Bear in mind that for a claim to be considered, it must be judged to have at least 51% chance of success. You can’t claim for anything that happened before your cover start date, and there are waiting periods for some areas of cover (such as employment disputes and vehicle cloning, which are both 30 days after your policy starts).

How can I buy Family Legal Protection?

If you don’t currently have Family Legal Protection but you’re now considering adding it to your home insurance, you can take it out with us over the phone. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. 

You can find the full policy wording here, in the Home Insurance policy booklet. 

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