The five cheapest hybrid and electric cars to insure


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Over the last 12 months, we’ve provided our customers with quotes on more than 1,000 different hybrid and electric vehicles. According to our data, these are the cheapest hybrid and electric cars to insure.


Over the last 12 months, we’ve provided our customers with Electric Car Insurance quotes on more than 1,000 different hybrid and electric vehicles. 

We’ve combined that data and averaged it out to find out which hybrid and electric vehicles give the most competitive insurance premiums. Take a look at the lowest average annual premiums for hybrid and electric cars based on sales from October to December 2018.  

N.B. Please note all figures used are averages based on internal data where we have a minimum of 50 on our system, and so do not take into account demographic and behaviour data that affects insurance premiums.   

Renault Zoe – £455.58

The Renault Zoe is roughly the size of a Fiesta and can do around 150 miles on a full charge. It costs less than many of its rivals, starting at £21,220, but with the cheapest versions you lease the battery separately, with a monthly fee dependent on your annual mileage.

The Zoe comes with lots of equipment as standard, including a 7kW charger that Renault installs at your home free of charge. Using this to charge your Zoe from empty will take seven to eight hours, but it takes two hours 40 minutes from a 22kW charging point.

Nissan Leaf – £470.30

Originally launched in 2011, the Nissan Leaf is now in its second generation. It’s more spacious, with better acceleration and does 0-60mph in eight seconds.

The Leaf has the same Type 2 connector as many of its rivals, with the bonus of the CHAdeMO connector for fast charging. Using a 7kW home charger takes around eight hours from empty, but you can reach 80% charge in around 40 minutes with the 50kW CHAdeMO charger. The RRP starts at £29,635.


BMW i3 – £496.94

The latest BMW i3 120Ah model is a nippy little rear wheel drive, capable of around 160 miles on a full charge. The suspension is quite firm, making for a bumpy ride on a road with potholes!

Starting at £34,445, the i3 isn’t cheap, but it has a classy interior and comes with climate control, rear parking sensors, heated front seats and automatic wipers as standard. The car also comes with a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty, and the battery is covered for 100,000 miles or eight years.

Mitsubishi Outlander – £559.86

The Mitsubishi Outlander is available in both diesel and hybrid petrol-electric versions, with the low running costs of the latter making it ideal for someone who needs an SUV but is more likely to do short journeys around town that can be fuelled solely by electric power. The hybrid version has a very small fuel tank that you may only get 200 miles from.

The Outlander starts at £27,335 although you can upgrade to a seven-seat option. The boot is large, making for a spacious SUV (aside from the relatively low roof).

Lexus RX – £605.45

Like the Mitsubishi Outlander, the Lexus RX is a large SUV. It’s available with a turbocharged petrol engine or as a hybrid with a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine and two electric motors.

Starting at £48,724, the RX is very reliable, with Lexus consistently scoring highly in What Car? surveys for reliability and customer service. It comes with a three-year, 60,000-mile warranty, with extended warranties available too. The battery and other hybrid elements are covered for five years or 60,000 miles as standard.

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