Everything you need to know about temporary car insurance

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Temporary cover offers a short term solution to the problem of arranging car insurance on a car you don't need all year.

How to get temporary car insurance

If you need temporary car insurance, it's generally because you have to arrange something quickly and don't want to organise 12 months' cover at short notice.

Adding a car or driver, short term to your existing policy can be done quickly over the phone by our customer service team.

With temporary insurance, the standard level of cover you get is fully comprehensive, giving you a higher level of cover than just relying on your 'driving other cars' extension which in most cases provides third party cover only.

With Admiral, this means the temporary cover you have can be fully comprehensive even if your existing policy is third party, fire and theft.

Whether you're learning to drive, need a car for a weekend or you want to add a second car to your policy for a few days, we have temporary car insurance options to suit your needs.

What do you need temporary car insurance for?

We have three options for covering you or a friend or family member on a short term basis.

If you want to share your car with someone you know - your son or daughter, family member, close friend or colleague - take a look at Veygo by Admiral's Temporary Car Insurance.

If you need to borrow a car while you're home from university for the weekend or you're planning a road trip with friends and want to share the driving, Temporary Car Insurance will cover you. And, the owner's No Claims Bonus is fully protected in the event of a claim.

If you're learning to drive in your mum or dad's car, or a family member's car, take a look at Veygo's Learner Driver Insurance - it will cover learner drivers for anything from one hour to 180 days and any claims made will not affect the car owner's No Claims Bonus.

If you're looking to add a second car to your existing Admiral policy for a little while, Temporary Additional Vehicle cover could be the answer to your insurance prayers. You don't need to start a new policy, simply add it on for up to 30 days.

Temporary Car Insurance

If you need to borrow a car or loan yours to a friend or family member for anything from one hour to 30 days, Veygo by Admiral's comprehensive Temporary Car Insurance could be the right option for you.

If you're looking for one day insurance because you don't want to play taxi while your son or daughter is home for the weekend, or you want to borrow mum's car for a few days, consider our great short term car insurance. It covers you for up to 30 days and the owner's No Claims Bonus won't be affected if you need to make a claim.

Our competitively priced cover is also perfect if you want to share the driving on a road trip or you need to borrow your partner's car from time to time. Because we know you're borrowing a car from a close friend or family member who trusts you we can offer a better price than other companies offering short-term car insurance.

What's more, neither the car owner or borrower needs to be an Admiral customer - we can get this cover set up no matter who the main policy is with!

Drive away insurance

If you buy a new car you may need cover to get you home from the garage, or until the renewal date of your existing car's policy if there are a couple of weeks left. We can insure that car short term on your policy, and if you speak to our customer service team they'll advise you of any admin fees.

If you're looking to temporarily insure a car for a reason we can't help with, then there are specialist insurers out there who can. In the same way you look for annual car insurance, you can visit price comparison sites for quotes.

Temporary Additional Vehicle

While you have a car insured with us, you can add a second car, short-term, without having to start a brand new policy. As long as the car is registered to you or an immediate family member, you can add it for up to 30 days. You may want to do this if you're selling a car.

Both Temporary Additional Driver and Temporary Additional Vehicle are subject to administration charges and terms and conditions would apply. Our Customer Services team will be able to advise you of any additional charges.

Temporary car insurance for learner drivers

If you're learning to drive, Veygo by Admiral's Learner Driver Insurance will cover you in mum or dad's car from one hour to 180 days while you get to grips with the roads.

Our flexible cover is available to UK provisional licence holders who want to learn to drive in a family member or friend's car, provided the owner has a full UK driving licence.

What's great about our cover is the main policyholder's No Claims Bonus won't be affected if you need to make a claim while you're learning.

  • If you need to add someone onto your policy for more than 30 days, or you have someone who will be using your car more than every so often, you may want to look at adding an additional driver to your policy